What It Is Like to Have an Unassisted Birth- Part 1

Ryan was a surprise for our family. Life’s little way of showing us that we weren’t really in control and no matter what kind of plans we make, there is always something bigger and better around the corner. naples-pregnancy-announcement-photography

After a few days of denial and worry, we decided that the best way to handle unexpected surprises is to laugh about it and make the best of the situation. We announced to our families and got an ultrasound to make sure everything was as it should be and that there was only one baby.

As the weeks went on, I was plagued with the task of choosing prenatal care. Having had our previous babies at home, my husband and I were no strangers to the idea of a natural home birth. There are options in South West Florida, but none of them were quite what we were looking for. It is hard to explain. We were in this place that even we can’t describe. I continued to count the weeks and milestones in pregnancy. I kept myself busy and tried to not think about the fact that I still had not chosen a care provider. In the meantime, I started doing all of the basic things that would have been done at prenatal visits. I could listen for heart tones. I could test my urine. I knew from previous pregnancies that I was no where near high risk, and that for me, delivering my own baby wasn’t inherently dangerous.

You see, of all the things in life that scare me, childbirth is not one of them. Sure, there is a lot of unknown. I think that the mystery surrounding it all is kind of nice. I know my body knows what it is doing. It is honestly the only time in my life where I feel like I know what I am doing. During birth, I close my eyes and let nature take over. There is no one telling me what to do and how to do it. I just listen to myself and move the way I need to help the baby come. My philosophy on it this time around was that it only took my husband and I to make this baby. Why did we need anyone else to help us bring it into the world?

I read and absorbed all of the information I could. Although I trusted myself and knew everything would be just fine, I was not naive enough to believe that there wasn’t a slight risk. My husband and I prepared for the what-ifs. We talked about what to do in case of an emergency. Where to transfer, what to do for bleeding, or cord prolapse. The more we talked about those things, the more nervous we got, but it was necessary conversation to ensure that we were covering all the bases.

Not many people knew what we were planning. I told only a handful of people, and those were only people who I knew would respect and support our decision. There were many people that I avoided the topic with, and a few that I lied to. Dishonesty is not in my nature and that was a hard thing to do. But it was easier at the time to tell them we were using midwife xyz, than to tell them we planned on going unassisted. If you guys are reading this, I sincerely apologize for that. I did not want anyone to worry about us, or question us on everything as I did not have the energy to defend our choices.


We made it to 41 weeks. All we had to do was wait on a baby…

Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

Photography credit goes to Naomi Stevens of http://www.freshsqueezedphotographyofnaples.com

Local Businesses We Love- Fresh Squeezed Photography

As a small business owner myself, I love to connect with other small businesses in the community. Those connections allow for collaboration, information, and referrals for our clients to make their experience that much better.

Today, I’d like to showcase my favorite local photographer.

Naomi Stevens of Fresh Squeezed Photography of Naples is truly a one of a kind photographer and such a pleasure to work with. Her shoots are mostly done in a documentary style, and that allows her to capture the real life of what is happening in the moment. I really love this style for family shoots as it captures the true feel of the family, rather than an awkward pose.

This style really shines through when doing weddings, parties, and one of my favorite life events: birth! It is also a spectacular way to do a newborn shoot. What better way to capture the feeling and emotion of those first few days at home with baby than a peek into the real-life aspect of everything.

Although Naomi is based out of Naples, she will travel to surrounding cities to meet the needs of her clients. If you are in the South West Florida area and looking for a photographer, I suggest you get in touch with her. Her sweet, soft nature can put anyone at ease, even the most camera-shy.

Hop on over to her website and check out the galleries. You will not be disappointed!


Think Before You Post: Social Media Etiquette and the New Baby

Social media is involved in almost every aspect of our lives. From day-to-day updates to funny stories to life-changing announcements. We are so quick to pull out our phones and update all of our friends on what is happening in the moment.

When a new baby enters the world, the excitement can be overwhelming. It can be so hard to have a filter and keep quiet about the new arrival. Before you go post crazy, take a moment and think about what the new parents would want. They were undoubtedly excited in the beginning and put a lot of thought into a pregnancy announcement. They worked hard at coming up with a name and setting up a nursery. Simply put, if anyone should get to shout to the world that the baby has been born, it is the new mom and dad.

When in doubt, ask first.

Have a conversation beforehand about expectations, so no one over steps boundaries. It may sound silly, especially in a world where we over share so much. But, some families want some time to know their new baby before being overrun with visitors. Some families don’t have a name picked out and want time to decide. Some families just want privacy and do not necessarily want the new baby plastered on social media outlets just yet.

Sometimes a woman can be nervous about labor and delivery and not know what to expect. She does not want everyone to know labor has started and wants to go through the process without dozens of calls and texts asking for progress. I promise, she will not forget to announce to the world that her precious baby has arrived. Let her do it when she is ready.

Are you on the list of people getting a call when labor starts so you can be at the hospital when the baby is born?


Show up with lots of love and support.

Take pictures of the excitement so the parents can see them later.

Capture a few videos and say something sweet to the baby.

DON’T (without permission):

‘Check in’ at the hospital or place of birth announcing baby is on the way.

Post pictures of the baby.

Announce baby’s name.


You may be thinking that this is silly. Having a baby is a glorious thing and new parents should be grateful that you are so excited for them. Trust me, many feelings have been hurt and toes have been stepped on when people take it upon themselves to post things on social media without parental permission.

Be kind, be courteous. Again, when in doubt, ask first.